Radix 4.x

Documentation for Radix 4.x theme for Drupal 8.


  1. npm - Read a guide on how to install Node and npm here.
  2. Drush 8 - Read a guide on how to install Drush here.
  3. Components module

Quick start for Drupal 8

  1. Download and enable radix: composer require drupal/radix.
  2. Create a subtheme: drush --include="themes/contrib/radix" radix:create SUBTHEME NAME.
  3. Set default theme: drush en SUBTHEME_NAME -y; drush config-set system.theme default SUBTHEME_NAME -y.
  4. Install required modules: cd /path/to/SUBTHEME_NAME; npm install;.
  5. Update proxy in /path/to/SUBTHEME_NAME/webpack.mix.js.
  6. Watch: npm run watch.


  1. Create an issue on drupal.org.
  2. Ask us on Twitter: @radixtheme.