Radix is a base theme for Drupal and Backdrop CMS. It has Bootstrap, Sass, BrowserSync and Font Awesome built-in.


  • Components and plugins from Bootstrap
  • Responsive layouts with Radix Layouts
  • Sass, BrowserSync and Font Awesome built-in
  • Drush integration

Distributions using Radix

Open Atrium - Open Atrium is an intranet in a box that has group spaces to allow different teams to have their own conversations and collaboration.

Open Academy - Open Academy is a Drupal distribution that brings the best in web publishing for higher education on a customizable Drupal platform.

Open Berkeley - Open Berkeley is a turnkey web platform solution for UC Berkeley campus websites.

Open Restaurant - The Open Restaurant distribution has everything you need to kickstart your restaurant website. It comes with a menu management system, a reservation system, a customizable blog and events management.

DKAN Open Data Platform -DKAN is a community-driven, free and open source open data platform that gives organizations and individuals ultimate freedom to publish and consume structured information.

University of IOWA SiteNow - SiteNow provides flexibility in authoring websites for various audiences.

Apigee Developer Portal - Apigee Developer Kickstart is a distribution to create an Apigee developer portal using Drupal.